How It Works

We love our Picky community! Picky's partner brands have offered free skincare products to Picky's users! 

Weekly Giveaways

 We launch a new Picky Review Giveaway weekly with different brands. The goal is that our users can try out various skincare products in exchange for giving authentic and honest reviews! Click here to learn more. 

Picky Rewards

Picky Rewards was made especially for our users who go above and beyond. After meeting certain criteria, users will become part of the Picky Squad and eligible to redeem Picky Rewards with their Picky Points. A select number of hand-picked users will also become Super Picky Squad, which makes them eligible for even more rewards. For more details about Picky Rewards, Picky Squad and Super Picky Squad, click here.

Picky Merchandise

For all Picky users, we also have a limited quantity of Picky merchandise that can be purchased here.