Picky Rewards

Picky Rewards was created to appreciate our top users and give them access to redeem points to write honest reviews for new, emerging, and leading skincare products. We launch new Picky Rewards on an ongoing basis with different brands.

The primary difference between Giveaways and Rewards is that Picky Rewards give you a much higher chance to win the products, as long as you live in the specified countries for the specific reward (while supplies last).

So far, we've had Picky Rewards with brands from around the world, including leading brands such as COSRX, Keep Cool and Dear, Klairs. We post new Picky Rewards directly on our Picky app and on our Picky Rewards website, but not on Instagram (@go.picky). 

Picky Squad & Super Picky Squad

Picky Squad

Our Picky Squad is eligible to redeem Picky Rewards. Picky users become Picky Squad as soon as they meet certain criteria. If users are found to be spamming, Picky reserves the right to remove Picky Squad status even if the criteria are met. For more details on how to be chosen, click here

Super Picky Squad

Our Super Picky Squad has access to even more exclusive rewards than our Picky Squad. Our Picky team hand picks our Super Picky Squad monthly, choosing users who make significant contributions to all aspects of Picky. For more details on how to be chosen, click here

The Process


We post Picky Rewards on our Picky app and Picky Rewards website. We will not always announce new Picky Rewards. There may be country restrictions for some Picky Rewards, so make sure to check. Also, keep those Picky Points ready because you need them to redeem. We recommend entering the event as soon as you see it.


Compared to Giveaways, there is a significantly higher chance of winning a Picky Reward. There is no guarantee to win, but due to the limited number of eligible users, many users will win the Picky Rewards they enter, especially if they have historically followed the review rules of posting on Picky and on Instagram. There is no guarantee that Super Picky Squad or Picky Squad members will win a given event.

Picky Rewards are viewable on our app and to redeem, a discount code will be provided to those that have successfully redeemed their Reward after the event has ended, the process of which is similar to Giveaway Confirmation section.

If you did not win, in some cases, our Picky team may refund the points you used. You can email our Picky team with details.


When first getting started, Picky users must register for an account by clicking here.

Once your account is set up, you can find the Picky Reward you submitted points for, and use the discount code at checkout in order to receive a 100% off discount. All shipping updates will be provided to you through emails, so make sure to keep email notifications checked.

Once the list has been finalized, all is good to go unless otherwise indicated.


After confirmation is complete, shipping is the next step. Shipping is handled by the brands, so the services they use is purely up to their preference and can take up to 6 weeks for delivery. We will update with tracking codes, which is why you should check the "keep me updated" tab to receive important news later on. Customs or taxes can apply depending on the region, Picky has no responsibility for shipping or fees so please check with your local customs to find out more. 


Writing reviews is a requirement for Picky Rewards. We provide a deadline for when we expect reviews to be finished, but don't worry we will also send a follow up email one to two weeks ahead of time to remind you. We will also create a Google Form for submission so you can easily link or upload your reviews for us to check! 

We want quality reviews, to see what that entails click here for Reviewer Rules and Guidelines.

Failing to write a review before the deadline (delays with shipping issues are exempt) can result in being blacklisted for the next or future events. So mark your calendar and check your inbox!