Reviewer FAQ


Are Picky giveaways free?

Yes, Picky giveaways are free to enter, and winners do not need to pay for products or shipping. A small custom fee may apply in some countries.

I'm active on Picky. Why haven't I won any giveaways yet?

Being active on Picky definitely gives you an advantage, but unfortunately can not guarantee you will win a giveaway.

Why do I have to confirm my participation?

Confirmation is necessary so we can get your details and shipping information. It's possible you can miss the deadline to confirm, which unfortunately means you will not receive the product. 

How do I confirm?

You can learn about the confirmation process here

Do I have to write a review? 

Yes! Writing a review is a requirement for our giveaways. If you don't write one before the deadline, you can be blacklisted from future events. Read more about it here

How do I submit my reviews to Picky?

Before the deadline, Picky will send a follow up email where you can submit your reviews. So make sure to check your inbox!

Notification and Shipping

What's the status of my Picky shipment?
Please login to your Picky Rewards account to see the status of your shipment. If you have email notifications on, you will also receive email notifications.

Can I check if I won a giveaway I've signed up for?
At this time no, but we hope to develop a way for users to track their status soon!

Will I be informed if I was not selected for a giveaway?
At this time no, but we hope to develop a way for users to track their status soon!

What if the review deadline is near and I still don't have the product?

We understand that shipping delays can happen. That's why we ask whether you have received the product or not in the follow up form we send out close to the review deadline.  

Picky Squad

How can I become Picky Squad?
Please see our blog post on Picky Squad for more information.

How can I become Super Picky Squad?
Please see our blog post on Super Picky Squad for more information.

If I'm part of the Super Picky Squad, can I redeem all Picky Rewards?
It depends, some Super Picky Squad Rewards can be limited to specific countries. However, there will typically be some rewards available for the whole Super Picky Squad.