Weekly Giveaways

We launch a new Picky Review Giveaway weekly with different brands. The goal is that our users can try out various skincare products in exchange for giving authentic and honest reviews! 

So far, we've had giveaways with hot brands like COSRX, Isntree, Abib, Keep Cool, Klairs, Aprilskin, Medicube, Rovectin, Purito and By Wishtrend. We announce the new giveaways directly on the Picky app and through our Instagram (@go.picky). Download and follow to stay up to date on the latest weekly giveaways. 

The Process


First, we announce and have the giveaway available for sign up on the app! There may be country restrictions for some giveaways, so always make sure to check. Also, keep those Picky Points ready because you need them to apply! Different giveaways can have different point values. From the date of announcement, there is one week to apply and sign up for the event. 


After one week is up, it's selection time! There is an advantage if you're an active Picky user. Those that stay active and write many quality reviews, comments, questions, tend to have a better chance. We also have other ways, posted through our instagram announcement, to get more advantages. It usually includes, following us at @go.picky, liking the post, sharing the announcement, commenting and other fun interactions. 

Once the list has been selected, an email is sent out to winners. 


Just because you were selected doesn't mean it's automatically confirmed! Don't miss out on a Picky Giveaway by ignoring our emails. Sometimes they can get lost in spam or promotions, so check your inbox thoroughly. After emails are sent out, winners have one week to confirm their participation by following the steps written in the email. 

The steps include creating and verifying an account on our Picky Rewards website, hitting the "keep me updated" tab and plugging in their details plus winner discount code. 

Those that don't confirm by the deadline will not be receiving the product.


After confirmation is complete, shipping is the next step. Shipping is handled by the brands, so the services they use is purely up to their preference and can take up to 6 weeks for delivery. We will update with tracking codes, which is why you should check the "keep me updated" tab to receive important news later on. Customs or taxes can apply depending on the region, Picky has no responsibility for shipping or fees so please check with your local customs to find out more. 


Writing reviews is a requirement if you're selected for our giveaways. We provide a deadline for when we expect reviews to be finished, but don't worry we will also send a follow up email one to two weeks ahead of time to remind you. We will also create a Google Form for submission so you can easily link or upload your reviews for us to check! 

We want quality reviews, to see what that entails click here for Reviewer Rules and Guidelines.

Failing to write a review before the deadline (delays with shipping issues are exempt) can result in being blacklisted for the next or future events. So mark your calendar and check your inbox!



For all official rules, click here.