[Picky Rewards] PESTLO Recipe Set

[Picky Rewards] PESTLO Recipe Set

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Redeem Reward

  • Only Super Picky Squad
  • 3,000 Picky Points Needed
  • available for MY/ID



    • Sign up : Apr 27 - May 19
    • Winner Selected : May 20
    • Winner Confirmed by : May 23


    Picky Squad
    This user is a member of our Picky Squad! These users are active content creators in our Picky community. Being part of our Picky Squad comes with special benefits such as redeeming exclusive rewards! 

    Super Picky Squad
    This user is a member of our Super Picky Squad! Hand-picked by our team, these are our top users on Picky who have made significant contributions to our community. Being Super Picky comes with recognition and our most special benefits! [Learn More]

    Reviewer Rules

    • Step 1 : Receive and use the product

    • Step 2 : Write an initial product review on the picky app by the deadline

    • Step 3 : Share your review on Instagram

      #pickyreview #gopicky @go.picky @pestlo_global


    • Read through the details carefully. If you accidentally applied for a Reward you're not eligible for, please email support@gopicky.com to let us know. We will cancel the Reward and return the points.
    • If you do not write a review, you will be penalized from future giveaways
    • Please include an email you check regularly. The discount code for the Reward will be sent through email, so Picky is not responsible if you miss claiming the Reward.
    • Double-check your address and phone number are correct. Picky is not responsible if the product is shipped to the wrong address.
    • Email us at support@gopicky.com if you have questions or concerns.