Review Guide

Reviewer Rules

When it comes to Picky Giveaways and Rewards, there's a few Reviewer Rules to keep in mind! Here are some expectations of what to do once you've received a product from Picky to review:

First off, we want you to enjoy and use the product! Make sure you write a review on both the Picky app and on social media (Instagram/Facebook) before the review deadline. If you feel like you don't have enough time to try the product before reviewing, don't worry! You can easily update and edit your reviews on Picky. If you see a big difference after a month or more, make sure to reflect that in your review update! 

When it comes to reviews on social media, make sure to always include #pickyreview, #gopicky, #pickygiveaway and tag us @go.picky

At the beginning of your review, write "I received these products for free from Picky and (brand name) in exchange for my honest review"

Review Guidelines

We love a good and thorough review! Regardless of whether you liked or disliked the product, we want to know every little detail. And some giveaways even come with a MVP Review Reward! So those that write an amazing review could be gifted another bonus product from the brand. In other words, keep these review tips in mind so you can write a stellar review. 

Be Detailed: We want to know how you really feel! Don't be afraid to really get into describing what you loved or didn't like about the product. From ingredients, to texture, packaging, whatever! We are all ears. 

Take Photos: Show us that texture. Is it watery? Sticky? Thick? We love a good product shot, so share it with the Picky community. Have any before and after photos you want to share? We'd love to see. 


Note: As part of our official rules, Picky and the brand can repost and distribute content created in Picky and on social media associated with the event.